Step 1

Download the two signs (*pdf) from the download links

Step 2

Print the signs.

(If you don’t have a printer at hand, just handwrite the signs. If you do not even have a piece of paper and a pen at hand, just communicate with hand-signs that are internationally understandable)

Step 3

go to  and click on “New Game” (upper left corner). When the website asks you for access to your webcam click “Allow”. Now the game is on.

You will meet random people in a video-chat. By clicking “Next” (upper left corner) you will get connected to the next random partner. (You might want to use this if you see a black frame or disturbing material)

Sometimes it might be necessary to refresh the page, as there are currently a lot of users online, which makes the website unstable. When you have refreshed the site, click “New game” and “Allow” again

Step 4

Hold the first sign in front of you visibly to ask your chat-partner to play with you.

Play up to three rounds of Rock Paper Scissors with them.

If you don’t know how to play rock paper scissors, check this out:

Step 5

Then hold the second sign into your webcam to ask your chat-partner to play the game with his next chat-partner.

Then click Next

If someone asks you how to get the signs, tell them to go to  for a download

Repeat Steps 4 and 5. Remember, the goal is to get as many people as possible to play the game.

Step 6

have fun !!!

If you take any pictures or videos of the flashmob, or just want to tell us about it, write us at

.con will be really happy to hear about your experience.

Welcome to .cons first online (Flash)mob

.con is not responsible for the content on chatroulette

about chatroulette

chatroulette was launched in October 2009 by Andrej Ternovskiy. It is a video-chat website where you meet random strangers from all over the world. Currently there are at least 20000 people online.

Chatroulette requires a minimum age of 16.

you might also find some strange folks showing adult material. just ignore them, and click next, or "Report inappropriate video".

p.s.: With your permission we will put your material on our website.

p.p.s.: If you print the signs on a nicer paper, you can keep them as first .con-multiples

download links for the signs (

sign 1

sign 2

The goal of the first online flashmob (Sunday, the 7th of march 2010) was to get as many people as possible from all over the world to play “rock paper scissors”.  Follow these steps to continue the mob!

If you have any questions write us an e-mail